It is electric motors that power indoor use forklifts. The forklifts use large lead-acid batteries and a motor is required to charge the batteries. It has a fixed life cycle and like batteries, it has to be changed after a certain time. Since it is an expensive device, forklift owners buy rebuilt electric motor that works just like a new branded part. A Rebuilt Electric Motor is an aftermarket product hence inexpensive. But price isn't the only reasons behind the popularity of aftermarket heavy machine parts. It is quality that comes before price. An aftermarket product is as good as a branded part and it is inexpensive as well. With an aftermarket part, you get quality equipment at affordable price. What makes the offer more interesting is the replacement guarantee that comes with the product. Using an exhausted motor won't help as it can't generate enough electricity to charge the lead-batteries that drive the forklift. It is batteries that power the indoor use forklift to haul bulk weight from one place to another. If the batteries are not charged properly, the forklift won't get the power required for shifting load. On the other hand, undercharged batteries would put unnecessary pressure on the other vital components of the forklift. It could be detrimental to your business interests to use a forklift that is simply incapable of hauling bulk weight. Using such a machine would not only risk the weight but the operator as well. If the forklift requires a new motor then it has to be provided a new part otherwise, you would need changing the lead-batteries as well. Buying a new forklift part is an expensive affair and for this reason forklift owners look for cost effective options. A rebuilt electric motor could be a nice option, if you could find a credible aftermarket supplier. Some manufacturers have the technology and infrastructure required for making quality forklift parts. It is these manufacturers that provide quality aftermarket parts. You could search them online as they sell their products online. How much a rebuilt electric motor would cost? It would cost less than its branded counterpart. The price of a motor is determined on its power. For instance a 12 VDC motor would cost less than a 48 VCD part. But there is nothing to worry about the motor or the supplier as there are many aftermarket manufacturers. You could find an aftermarket part of a forklift of any make.